Republic of Srpska


Key results 2011

Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska only) clearly report lower levels of substance use on all eight key variables, compared with the ESPAD average. The levels are particularly low for the use of cannabis and other illicit drugs, while the prevalence rates for past-30-days use of cigarettes and lifetime use of inhalants were only half as high as the average for all countries. Compared with those variables, the three alcohol-related measures were closer to average but still definitely below it. In the ESPAD context, this makes Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska) a low-prevalence country when it comes to substance use.

Country contacts: 

Sladjana Siljak
Principal Investigator

Public Health Institute of Republic of Srpska
Jovana Ducica 1
Banja Luka 78 000
Tel: +387 51 491648
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