Key results 2015

The Croatian students reported considerably higher prevalence rates compared to the ESPAD average for five of the eight key variables. This is especially notable for lifetime use of inhalants (25 % versus 7 %) and for cigarette use in the last 30 days (33 % versus 21 %). In addition, last-30-day alcohol use, last-30-day heavy episodic drinking and lifetime use of cannabis were above the ESPAD average. The differences for lifetime use of illicit drugs other than cannabis, lifetime use of tranquillisers or sedatives without prescription and lifetime use of NPS were rather small, although notable for NPS, at least in relative terms. The main impression in the ESPAD context is that substance use among Croatian students tends to be more extensive than average.

Country facts:
Area: 56400 km2
Population: 4,4 million

Country contacts: 

Martina Markelic
Principal Investigator

Croatian Institute of Public Health
Rockefellerova 7
1000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 14863354