Key results 2015

The Albanian students reported prevalence rates clearly below average for four of out of the eight key variables studied. For instance, 11 % of the Albanian students reported cigarette use in the last 30 days, compared to the ESPAD average of 21 %. Students in Albania also reported less extensive use of alcohol in the last 30 days (32 % versus 48 %) and a lower prevalence of heavy episodic drinking in the same time period (23 % versus 35 %). The prevalence of lifetime use of cannabis in Albania (7 %) was less than half the ESPAD average (16 %). For the remaining substances, however, the Albanian results were relatively close to the ESPAD average. In the ESPAD context the results indicate rather moderate substance-use habits among the Albanian students compared to students in the other countries.

Country facts:

Area: 27700 km2
Population: 3,2 million

Country contacts: 

Ervin To├ži
Principal Investigator

Institute of Public Health
Rruga Aleksander Moisiu, 80
Tirana 1000
Tel: +355 4 2 374 756