Organisation & Contacts

Principal Investigators & Contact Persons

ESPAD is owned jointly by appointed persons in each participating country. Principal Investigators and ESPAD Contact Persons are appointed by ESPAD and are responsible for ESPAD as a whole as well as for the national part of ESPAD.  See the list of current Principal Investigators by country here >>


Steering Committee

Between the annual General Assembleys where all Principal Investigators take part and vote, decisions may be made by the Steering Committee, which also prepares Project Meetings and functions as an editorial board for the International reports. The committee meets twice a year. Members of the Steering Committee are:

Sabrina Molinaro (ESPAD coordinator)
João Matias (EMCDDA representative)
Sharon Arpa
Pavla Chomynova
Ludwig Kraus
Ola Ekholm
Julian Strizek