Organisation & Contacts

Principal Investigators & Contact Persons

ESPAD is owned jointly by appointed persons in each participating country. Principal Investigators and ESPAD Contact Persons are appointed by ESPAD and are responsible for ESPAD as a whole as well as for the national part of ESPAD.


Steering Committee

Between the annual General Assembleys where all Principal Investigators take part and vote, decisions may be made by the Steering Committee, which also prepares Project Meetings and functions as an editorial board for the International reports. The committee meets twice a year. Members of the Steering Committee are:

Deputy Coordinator: Ludwig Kraus (Germany)
Sharon Arpa (Malta)
Sabrina Molinaro (Italy)
Karin Monshower (Netherlands)
Marcis Trapencieris (Latvia)
Håkan Leifman (Sweden)
Julian Vicente (EMCDDA)


Coordination Committee 2015-2016

This committee is assissting the deputy coordinator (Ludwig Kraus) in preparing and following up meetings. Members of the Coordiation Committee are:

Ludwig Kraus (Germany)
Håkan Leifman (Sweden)
Julian Vicente (EMCDDA) 


Nomination Committee

This committee prepares the elections of the Coordiantor, Deputy Coordinator, Steering Committee and other electionsis. Members of the NominationCommittee are:

Anna Kokkevi (Greece)
Mark Morgan (Ireland)
Björn Hibell (EMCDDA)


Application Committee

This committee decides upon the requests from applicants to use the ESPAD databases. Members of the Application Committee are:

Chair: Julian Vicente (EMCDDA)
Ludwig Kraus (Deputy Coordinator – Germany)
Gerhard Gmel (Switzerland)
Patrick Lambrecht (Belgien)
Zsuzsanna Elekes (Hungary)