Faroe Islands


Key results 2015

Out of the eight key variables compared, the results reported by the Faroese students did not exceed the ESPAD average for any of them. Cigarette use during the last 30 days and lifetime use of NPS were close to the ESPAD average, but the remaining six variables were definitely below the overall average. In relative terms, this was especially true for lifetime use of cannabis, illicit drugs other than cannabis, tranquillisers or sedatives without prescription and inhalants. In addition, the results for the two alcohol measures were clearly below average. The overall impression is that the Faroes is a low-prevalence country, at least in the ESPAD context.

Country facts:
Area: 1400 km2
Population: 49 000

Country contacts: 

Pál Weihe 
Principal Investigator

Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health
Sigmundrgöta 5
100 Tórshavn
Tel: +298 31 66 96
Mob: +298 21 66 96

Ólavur Jøkladal 
Associated Principal Investigator

The Faroese Board of Public Health
J.C. Svabosgøta 43
100 Tórshavn
Tel: +298 304700
Mob: +298 515155