Key results 2015

Students in Montenegro reported substance use below the ESPAD average for all but three of the eight key variables. The largest differences were noted for alcohol use in the last 30 days and lifetime use of cannabis, which were both 8 percentage points below the average for all countries (40 % versus 48 % and 8 % versus 16 %, respectively). Cigarette use in the last 30 days and heavy episodic drinking during the same period of time were also below the overall average. For lifetime use of tranquillisers or sedatives without prescription the Montenegrin result was 4 percentage points above the average for all countries. The levels of lifetime use of illicit drugs other than cannabis, lifetime use of inhalants and lifetime use of NPS in Montenegro were of the same magnitude as the ESPAD average. To conclude, apart from the use of non-prescribed tranquillisers or sedatives, the results for the key variables revealed that the substance-use habits of students in Montenegro appear to be relatively modest in the ESPAD context1.

Country facts:
Area: 13800 km2
Population: 0,6 million

Country contacts: 

Tatijana Djurisic 
Principal Investigator

Public Health Institute of Montenegro
Dzona Dzeksona b.b.
Podgorica 81000
Tel: +382 2020412888
Mob: +382 67626123

Ljiljana Golubovic
Contact person

Public Health Institute of Montenegro
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Podgorica 81000
Tel: +382 2020412888