Key results 2015

Only two of the eight key variables show similar results for students in Poland compared to the ESPAD average, while the remaining six variables indicate higher than average levels of substance use among Polish students. The measures for alcohol use in the last 30 days and heavy episodic drinking during the same period of time were approximately the same for students in Poland as for all students. The largest difference was noted for lifetime use of tranquillisers or sedatives without prescription, which was reported by 17 % of students in Poland, compared to the ESPAD average of 6 %. Lifetime use of cannabis, lifetime use of NPS and lifetime use of inhalants were also higher among the Polish students. The overall impression in the ESPAD context is that the reported levels of substance use among the Polish students are quite similar to the ESPAD average for alcohol but more extensive for the other substances.

Country facts:
Area: 312700 km2
Population: 38,4 million

Country contacts: 

Janusz Sieroslawski 
Principal Investigator

Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology Dept. of Studies on Alcoholism and other dependencies
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Warsaw 02-957
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