Slovak Republic


Key results 2015

The Slovak students reported prevalence rates above the ESPAD average for three out of the eight key variables studied. Cigarette use in the last 30 days was reported by 31 % of the students in Slovakia, compared to the overall average of 21 %. Lifetime use of cannabis was also reported to a markedly higher degree by students in Slovakia (26 % versus 16 %). Alcohol use during the last 30 days among the Slovak students was at roughly the same level as the ESPAD average. On the other hand, heavy episodic drinking in the last 30 days was 7 percentage points above average. The results for lifetime use of tranquillisers or sedatives without prescription, lifetime use of inhalants and lifetime use of NPS were more or less in line with the ESPAD average. The overall impression is of levels of substance use among students in Slovakia that are either in line with or, as for the cannabis and alcohol measures, above the ESPAD average.

Country facts:
Area: 49000 km2
Population: 5,4 million

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Alojz Nociar
Principal Investigator

St. Elisabeth University of Health and Social Work
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