Key results 2015

Ukrainian students reported substance use rates in line with or below the ESPAD average for all of the eight key variables studied. The largest differences in percentage points were noted for alcohol use during the last 30 days (39 % versus 48 %) and for lifetime use of cannabis (9 % versus 16 %). In relative terms, lifetime use of tranquillisers or sedatives without prescription was even less common (2 % versus 6 %). In addition, cigarette use during the last 30 days and heavy episodic drinking during the same period of time were below average. Lifetime use of illicit drugs other than cannabis, lifetime use of inhalants and lifetime use of NPS were more or less on the same level as the overall average. In the ESPAD context the overall impression is that the Ukrainian students appear to display relatively moderate levels of substance use.

Country facts:
Area: 603700 km2
Population: 45,6 million

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Olga Balakireva 
Principal Investigator

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